Build another Barsham 1

Build Another Barsham

A Guide to Faire Making

n every community there lies a wealth of energy, talent and skill which, if given the opportunity to flow and merge, can produce a miracle of the imagination. At such an event as a Faire everyone can be involved in everything, whether it's the practicalities of sewage disposal at one minute or the rehearsal of a play the next.

For the first Barsham Faire at Roos Hall we formed a central committee to take responsibility for co-ordinating things, but the most important job was for individuals to contact others, friends, craftsmen, workmates, local organisations and persuade them to come along and join in. The idea was to move away from the notion that an event or entertainment involves two sections; the active party, the organisers, and the passive party, those who pay their money and get entertained. We knew that unless those who came to Barsham contributed something it would be just another form of mass entertainment.


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