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Car Parks

Car parking at the first Barsham Faire was the sort of disaster one might expect from a bunch if people with their minds in the middle ages. Suffice to say the police intervened with much useful advice for the second year teaching us how to stack cars neatly and efficaciously in recondite places.

It is vital to mind and limb to keep cars off the site, at least from early morning until dusk. If you can acquire a car park which is a short walk away from the site many things are improved.

The Smallest Theatre In The World There are various ways of managing the car park, most of which have been tried at Barsham. The first year at Rectory Paddock we hired an extra field and covered the cost by charging motorists. The following year we didn't charge. Organising a rota of collectors had proved difficult and we disliked adding to the cost of coming to the Faire. Local schoolboys directed the cars while everyone else tried to forget about the car park, that is until it filled to overflowing with vehicles and a rainstorm created a ford at the entrance.

The following year's committee blanched at the words ‘car park’ on the agenda. Then someone had a GOOD IDEA and asked the villagers if Barsham if they would like to organise and run car parking and, by making a charge, raise money for village charities.

However, for the benefit of those who cannot hand over the car park to others more efficient than themselves, we have learnt the following lessons.

  1. A vast car park is needed.


  2. It is essential to co-operate with local police in the early stages of planning. They will patiently cope with chaos on the day and see pedestrians safely across the road if necessary. They can also advise on convenient access to the car park.


  3. Even if the car park is carefully marked out with rows of rope beforehand the number of people needed to keep it operating smoothly is high, a minimum of ten people at any one time.

Road signs

If you put up road signs directing people to your event you may find a race developing between yourselves and the police, who will remove them about four hours afterwards, but the first time you hold your event those four hours could be crucial in preventing visiting hordes from getting lost.


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