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A simple idea and a way to share a few popular images from the photo galleries.

Six bi-monthly pages with one extra chosen for their evocative qualities rather than chronology.

Good quality prints on high grade paper.


Calendar sample


Currently there are 2 collections, one featuring a range of fairs performers, (top of page)

and a slightly amended version of our first printing from 2019, (below).

These calendars can be printed for any year,

just state when ordering whether

you'd like the "Gallimaufry" version or the "Performance" version.


All of these images/pages are also available separately to order as A3, A4 or A5 prints.


1a Blue cover Gallimaufry

1b. Info

1d.Moon Fair landscape

2. Globe


3. Albion crew

4. JB


Brown wooden textured flooring background

6. Dance


7. Logo







RSCC cover001


This calendar was inspired by the 1980 Rougham Tree Fair poster that was designed and produced

by Richard Barnes and the tree supplement enclosed within the Waveney Clarion Special Issue “Keep Anglia Green” .

To mark the practical necessity and the magic of trees, across the three days of the 1980 Rougham Tree Fair

there was a planting of the complete cycle of trees in the Calendar, leaving them to grow on the site.




  RSCC page samples002

Created and produced by the Archive as a delightful A5 booklet on good quality cream paper.