Prices and Payment

To purchase any of the items displayed in the Shop make a note of the description, (most items are numbered), then email Linda - and she will take your details.

NOTE: We now only accept cash or BACS transfers. All prices are inclusive of postage and packing.

(The Bank and PayPal both charge for each transaction and, as we don't want to pass those costs onto you, we're limiting our methods of payment.)


NEW!! 2020 FAIRS ARCHIVE CALENDAR - £10-00 (includes postage)


The original posters were an odd variety of imperial sizes, some were very large. We've re-sized the reproductions to a more manageable A3 ratio so they will fit on an average wall. There are also  A4 and A5 versions for even smaller walls and you can have the A4 and A5 ones laminated if you wish. (The A3 laminates won't fit in a postal tube, so only un-laminated A3 is available).

REPRODUCTION POSTERS   -  A3 - £9.50 (lamination not available)

                                      A4- £5.00 (£6 laminated)

                                             A5 £3.00 ( £3.50 laminated)   

 Vintage (Original) Posters and Full Size Reproduction Posters - Refer to individual pages for details


FRIDGE MAGNETS (Almost gone)  (55mm diameter) - £1-50



"Build Another Barsham" by Sandra Bell (only 6 of the original print run left. Accurate reproductions will also be available).  - £10-00

Wool Fair brochure - £3-50

Stalls and Crafts listing booklet - £3-50

1982 Faerie Fair Souvenir booklet (reproduction) - £3-00

1982 Rougham Tree Fair Souvenir booklet (reproduction) - £4-00


 All income, every single penny, goes to support The Fairs Archive and its travelling exhibition.