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Some fascinating original items, of which we have only a few copies left. The last 4 of Build Another Barsham, with rather tatty covers and a few Wool Fairs and Crafts & Stallholders which do have some fascinating details and some social insight even if on the surface they look quite ordinary. These are now supplemented by some new reproductions. A souvenir programme from the Rougham Tree Fair '82 and a leaflet from the '82 Faerie Fayre. Two good reproductions of the wonderful Build Another Barsham approved by creator Sandra Bell. The original size A4 and a new A5 booklet version. Please state which you'd prefer when ordering. We have also put together a booklet collection of flyers from all the Barsham Fairs, 72 to 76. NEW ! The Coypu Compendium. The Mick Sparksman cartoon creation is now celebrated in a new, limited edition publication. Its release has been timed to coincide with The Waveney Clarion's first publication in February 1973. The Compendium has mined The Clarion, Coypu Comix, Tales from the Marshes and Swamp Comix for cartoons, illustrations and strips. Along with classic posters, articles, reviews, advertisements and cover artwork from '73 to '84, it's pretty comprehensive and unique, lovingly compiled into 46 beautiful. glossy and colourful A4 pages with an introduction from Borin Van Loon. The compiler has decided to sell online through The Archive shop, with any profits after printing and postage to go to supporting The Archive itself.
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