Here is a special selection of contemporary publications all related to The Fairs in some way, (plus an oddity or two). We thought it was a good idea to bring these to your attention as they are not easily found in the mainstream.





CC01. The Coypu Compendium           


 The Mick Sparksman creation is now celebrated in a new, very limited edition publication. Its release has been timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of The Waveney Clarion's first publication in February 1973.  
The Compendium has mined The Clarion, Coypu Comix, Tales from the Marshes and Swamp Comix for cartoons, illustrations and strips. Along with classic posters, articles, reviews, advertisements and cover artwork from '73 to '84, it's pretty comprehensive and unique. More than 90 illustrations lovingly compiled into 46 beautiful, glossy and colourful A4 pages with an introduction from Borin Van Loon.

The compiler has decided to sell online through The Archive shop, with any profits after printing and postage to go to supporting The Archive itself.

Shown above is the cover plus two sample pages.
(By the way: the CLA refers to the Coypu Liberation Army!)



TRAVELLING DAZE by Alan Dearling


Alan Dearling has put together a fine collection of first-person stories and images, tracing the path and giving an inside perspective of the subculture of alternative travelling communities.

Beautifully illustrated with some surprisingly heartfelt and sometimes amazing stories from within, by its very nature, a transient and ephemeral culture that without this book would be lost in time.





This fascinating book by Jill Smith is now back in stock.






Created and drawn by Mick Sparksman, a game for coypus of all ages...
Can you make it to the picnic?

Originally published in The Waveney Clarion.

Printed onto A3 good quality paper as a decorative poster or to be stuck onto a card backing to play, (backing not supplied).






Also available if you want to give it a try, an optional set of counters and dice..