Alby Fair 1981

Another stubble field, first one since the 1978 Rougham.

Alby 81



For me the most enduring memory is of setting up Alby Fair. With just a few weeks to go we did not have a site for the fair, and then the landowner at Alby heard of our dilemma and offered us a site.

The fair was going to happen!

Ted and Dinah set up the food tent and people turned up volunteering to be part of the site crew. There were very few meetings or planning discussions, everybody just got on with the job of setting up the site. It was as if there was some sort of telepathy between us; when something needed doing, then someone did it.

It was an exhilarating experience and I've never felt that degree of trust, harmony and unity working in a team before or since.

The tragedy was that then the Peace Convoy turned up and caused the greater divisions between the organisers that I have ever encountered. Patricia


PHa 123 AY81