Barsham Faire 1973

 Barsham 73 - 100th Horse FaireThe first fair on the Rectory Paddock at Barsham.

The first appearance of Incubus Theatre.

The theatre programme for the event lists:
Wickham Market Theatre Centre: “Norwich Grocers’ Play”
“Words and Action”
Lowestoft Theatre Centre: “Dragons”
Blundeston Womens’ Institute: “Bargain Booth”
Lowestoft Theatre Centre: “Mummers Play”
Norwich Folk Dance Society
Felixstowe Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society: “And So To Bed”
Incubus Theatre Company: “Strut and Fret”

BA73 JH 01


A programme of medieval and traditional music (and perhaps some poetry too!) will be presented daily on the small stage from 2.30 (medieval time)
Minstrels shall come from all over Norfolk and Suffolk…



anyone remember that enthralling performance of  “Strut and Fret” by Incubus, featuring the Puissant Rumbelow?” Ruth Shepherd



Barsham73 music gamesform2I have spoken with my dad (Jim Took, Special Constable at Beccles from 1972 - 1984) he tells me that the vast police operation of two regulars and a smattering of specials was organised by Inspector Alan 'Fogdust' Farman who kept an eye on events from the beer tent.

Apparently he was known as Fogdust as it was just as rare to see him as it was to find fogdust!

Dads’ memories of the Barsham Fairs is of them being very happy, fun carefree events with none of the problems that seem to occur at large events now. He feels the fairs reflected the times in general and the mad, simple fun that was had, he has commented that the opportunity to help police events like the fairs were one of his main motivations for joining the Specials (He only made 1 arrest in 12 years, make of that what you will)  He did bemoan the fact however of trying to deal with a traffic jam which found it's way towards Worlingham!!

The fairs are often spoken of with great affection in our eclectic social group and many of us have attended the Fairport Convention gatherings in Cropredy and I am often informed that they are as close as we are likely to get to the friendly trouble free atmosphere of the Barsham Fair. Colin TookBarsham73 banner