East Bergholt 1982

Earth Fair East Bergholt 82 (08)



At possibly East Bergholt ’82 or Thornham Magna ’83 I remember an amazing colourful light show to music that was made up of many hexagons that could be changed to any colour. I think it was called Christine’s Light Show or something like that. I will never forget it. The owner said he custom built the whole thing out of electronics bits and pieces. Anybody remember seeing this? Ian Fulcher


That was Christine the Pristine Machine, if I remember correctly, creation of a guy called Roland. Putting on the Ritz being the only song I can recall him playing to. Mike

This Earth Fair was one of my favourite ones – there was a kind of underground labyrinth maze dug out and it was full of candles and a strange person who would tell your fortune if you handed over an interesting item. I gave her a shell casing from my bullet belt. Olly Tyler