Bramfield 1978

Wildream 78 - Bramfield (14)


After the weaknesses of the two previous events the momentum was faltering, some of the old hands were tiring of the responsibility and the site for the next fair was suddenly unavailable. A new site in the same area was found, and a site meeting called to plan the layout. Come the day and none of those regulars were to be seen, just a couple of the site crew, who found themselves making decisions they usually left to others. The absence of those others proved to be deliberate, a simple method of passing the torch. Site management passed into the hands of a generation who had responded to the energy of the Barsham and Bungay by asking 'what can I do to help?' Now they were the ones answering the question.

Wildream Fair was not a big event, uncertainty over the site had messed up the publicity, it was however a very good event. I'll leave it to more poetic souls to try and catch the magic of the successful fairs. Suffice to say, when a fair worked it was a heightened experience, there was joy and fresh warm laughter, a spontaneous sense of community was generated, performers gave their best, audiences responded to that, and when it was all over we all went home with lighter step than we'd had on arrival.




Wildream had a few crazy moments, including the crucifixion of Patrick - when asked what he would be he replied "Oh Jesus!". There's a photo somewhere.



Then there was the local policemens' re-enaction of the I am the Walrus scene from Magical Mystery Tour.

RB00 WI78



The dome cover was always problematic, made of inflatable plastic, it was so heavy it took a lot of people a lot of effort to haul it up on to the structure. And once it was up you could stand back and look proudly at what you had done and notice how terribly messy and dirty it was. Not having the funds for a new cover, the solution was to create the Albion banner to stand in front and hide the outside of the structure. Made from a lorry tarpaulin, painted by Keith Payne, it was used in different ways over the years.

RB56 WI78