Eye Show 1978

Eye Show Programme cover 78


Thanks to the success of the previous year's small contribution, in 1978 the organisers gave Albion a whole field and funding.


I remember well coming to Eye Fair in 1978. I was with the Footsbarn Theatre then and we played ‘The Dancing Bear’. It was the first time I came to an East Anglian fairs. I was amazed by the colorful mix of people and by the variety of activities and animations. I loved Incubus and their outstanding ‘Cocaine show’, Hank Wangford, and the little food stores everywhere… Daniel Rovai











The pagans and druids among us took the opportunity to assemble a replica of the woodhenge at Avebury, which was strung with gut over half coconut shell resonators so as to create the Magic Harp of Mercury.

A lump of granite from the Cheese Ring Stone Circle was place atop of the central pillar. The collective plucking of the Harp was to effect the levitation of the stone. For the pagans a scene of religious ceremony, for the rest a fine piece of community theatre.


RB 83 EY78