Faerie Fair 1981

Faerie Fair Lyng 81 Designed by Bruce Lacey (21)


Bruce Lacey and Jill Bruce became main organisers and moved the main site from the valley up on to the hill. Reverting to the ethos of Barsham with a no electricity rule and a faerie theme for costume and construction.

Incubus of course came as the Goblins and were hilariously obnoxious.


I went to the Lyng fairs at Cadders Hill, shame they stopped coming as they where great fun. My nan owned the hill and we have a plate dated 1981 with fairy fayre on it. Jason


FA81 SH 009

 Arrived living in a tent transported on a handbarrow. Left with a horse-drawn wagon pulled by 'Polly', and a kitten called 'Teabag' because we found her in our large teapot.
Left the fair towards Norwich on the day of Charles and Diana's wedding. Joe Herne