Black Bart

Return to Barsham 1975

There was  a poem that started something like "Bart, Bart, he don't give a fart, he don't give a monkey's arsehole..."

Concerning Black Bart (from Paddy)

It's strange that so little should be known about such a notorious character.

All that can be verified for certainty about B B is that he was present at two Barsham Faires. At the first, where he was seen mingling with the crowds, lurking round the beer tent, and posing for photographs, he was eventually identified and arrested and it was only  a mass outbreak of 'I'm Spartacus'-style identification among the spectators that allowed him to escape beheading and make a getaway. At the next Faire, his foolhardy attendance was rewarded with arrest once again, and he only missed execution this time when he was sensationally and possibly erroneously identified as the long-lost love-child of Baroness Ambrosia of Barsham by a birthmark on his bottom.   

And the rest is silence except for a rumour that he went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to remit his sins, and ended up running a popular whelk stall in Aleppo with his fiancee Slack Alice.

Of the crimes his Wanted Poster accused him of, he was reputed to have only confessed to one, but unfortunately we don't know which.