We had been watching Georgio juggling and with his curiosity box which Saskia couldn't understand.

She went and stood next to him and then joined in, passing him anything he was using in his act and silently interacting with him. Within a really short time they were "working together" as a team.....all mime.  Several people asked me how long she had been working with him and where else they worked. Nobody believed how unrehearsed it was and that they had never met before.
Georgio asked if I would consider touring in order for Saskia to continue working with him.  I had never even spoken to Georgio, had a younger child as well and really didn't know what that would involve. A couple of people said that I was being unfair not agreeing to go but when I asked Saskia she said she didn't want to go anywhere, she wanted to go back to our house.

Shortly after Barsham, and I cannot remember if it was the same year but I think it was, Georgio contacted me to say he was going to be at the NFI in London and asked me to bring Saskia but not to tell her what we were going to see or whom. She was sitting on the floor watching the stage and Georgio came out through the curtains on a unicycle, Saskia said "it's Georgio", he bent down, picked her up and put her on his shoulders, still cycling. As he left the stage through the curtains, she grabbed the curtains and held on, he rode off the stage and she slide down the curtains and went back to sitting on the floor. Again everyone thought it was rehearsed. That was the last time we saw Georgio. Nicola Cousins

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