Rougham Tree Fair 1982

Rougham 82 (10)

The picture for this poster was taken in winter - that's ice not leaves on the branches.

This fair was an amazing event. It was a rich pot potpourri of artists, theater, musicians, the Hare Krishna’s dancing around the site, kids from the Peace Convoy selling magic mushrooms, but also the local priest showing Chaplin movies in a tent, food store, Gil and his dome, A total Fairy land: yes I will never forget Rougham Fair!… :0) Daniel Rovai

First fair I stayed the night at, I was taken by my parents again, at 15. I wanted to stay, they said if you want to stay you have to stay on your own as they had prior commitments. So I did. Lost my borrowed tent, wandered round all night, got fed by the Hari Krishnas & ate some interesting cake & grooved under the big inflatable world looking at the pyramid stage. Didn’t feel at all threatened even though Hells Angels, travellers & Romanis & showmen were all mixed at the fair site. If I smell a campfire now it still reminds me of this fair. True East Anglian magic. Rob

I remember the Rougham Tree Fair of 1982. The friendship of other people, the amazing juggling acts, the dancing under the huge globe suspended between the avenue of trees. I remember it most for the camaraderie and the eccentric mix of people who made it such a memorable experience. Where are they all now? Hopefully not getting too sentimental about their youth like me! Keith Graham