Rougham Tree Fair 1980

Rougham 80 (27)

Another outburst of druidic activity as the tree ceremony was enacted.


I am pretty sure this was one of my first fairs. I was five years old. I remember amazing stalls being prepared with rough wood. The bark was left on. I remember an incredible smell of fresh resin. My mum had a stall selling second hand cloths. She had lots of old christening gowns. She brought a Trinidadian shoe maker to one of the fairs and I think it may have been this one. Every fair was a magical experience for me. I have very fond, warm memories of singing, dancing and total freedom. Daniela, daughter of Angela

Our ‘crowd’ went to Lyng, Rougham, and East Bergholt from the late 70′s through to the early 80′s. Lots of fun, we (Spasmodic Caress) even did a gig at Rougham in the car park one year. Great weekends and brilliant memories. Thanks to everyone who organised the events. Pete