Rougham Tree Fair 1978

Rougham Tree Fair 78



Held on Stonepit Field on the road to Thurston. A stubble field - i.e.what's left after the wheat has been cut. Not as pleasant as meadow grass but it does allow for more dramatic and disruptive activities - it's going to be ploughed later after all.

There was a lovely dell in the woods on the side of the field. A perfect amphitheatre for a theatre stage. A picture was used for the 1983 Thornham Tree Fair poster.

The arrival of Farley Arts, a community group from Luton.

Remember this one well. Sleeping in a stubble field full of stones but a great time. Peter Horne

It was very amazing – I had my car stolen and brought a keyboard with the insurance money starting a musical career. Well sort of. Happy, very happy days Cos Chapman