The Fairs

Posters, leaflets, photographs and memories from the individual fairs. The list is not complete, it contains all the fairs organised by the East Anglian Arts Trust and Albions Fairs, but only a couple of the events put on by individuals. More information, images and photos are always welcome.

Such a pleasure looking through the photos and remembering those wonderful fairs. A warm greeting to all.
Chazz (the Foxtale Bus)


I remember the pink policemen running around the campsite, telling people off for having a good time. They were hilarious. Kim


I was at the Rougham Tree Fair in 1979 and it's stayed with me ever since - just seeing the poster for the Fair gave me a jolt of excitement.  The atmosphere was unique, gentle and joyous. I loved it. Yvonne

I was at [Bungay] in 1976. What a great time. We were with the military in East Anglia at the time and although I was dreading spending three years in England (I didn't yet appreciate the opportunity) the horse faire was one of the most memorable and fun times we had. Cheryl