Thornham Tree Fair 1983

Thornham Magna 83

I seem to remember that the beer tent burnt down at Thornham.Pupski

Indeed the beer tent did burn down, but it was up and running again in an hour – priorities are after all priorities. I was at this fair. I play bass in The Papers, who were appearing at this fair. We have a recording of the whole gig broken down into separate songs which is available at our web site on the music page – free MP3 download. Go enjoy! If anyone wants a CD of the whole set let me know and we’ll sort something out. Love Harry Harry Fitzsimons

The first festival I went to under my own steam, at 16, have moped will travel! This one was a bit hectic as I remember the beer tent burning down & I think some drongos vandalised the church next door but it didn’t stop me from having a whale of a time. Everyone seemed to be laughing & happy, beautiful atmosphere. Rob

I went to the fair as 14 yr old and spent most of one of the nights flipping bacon and eggs throughout the night in aid of the local church. A great fair and a great location with a big finish – the beer tent burning down, but most of the barrels were rolled out to safety you’ll be pleased to know. Has anyone got any pictures? Jon D

Lovelorn and blue I took refuge in a marquee where an elderly man played familiar pieces on a piano while a younger generation sang along. "Mud, mud, glorious mud..." It was Donald Swann (of Flanders and Swann) himself. It seems one of his children was part of the fair crew. It was quite uplifting. M