Thornham Magna 1978

Thornham Magna 78




A weather menaced fair. I think the rain held off until the Monday, but the threat was there throughout. Shades of greys and greens.

Tim's daytime noiseworks (as opposed to  night time fireworks)


My first Albion fair, with a van load of kids,and a short load of money but a great time had by all. I was supporting the Association of Community Artists, on a stand organised by Phil Hartigan.
One little girl in our party, around 7 or 8 years old, said the best thing about it was, not washing all weekend, and getting into a bath sunday night and watching a crust of dirt floating to the top.
And getting some petrol money from the wonderful Sandra Bell made the weekend. Peter Horne


 On the Monday, waiting out the rain, we sat in the crew tent and composed a fairs disaster song to the tune and structure of Sloop John B. Five years later at the Thornham Tree Fair, I heard that site crew singing another fairs disaster song, of their own making. Much more elaborate and detailed than our simple ditty. What is it about Thornham Magna I wondered, that brings out the thought of doom in the fair's songsters.