Film and Audio

File MP3 audio The Fair
A song of Barsham by Ken Okines. 3 minutes
Image Barsham 1976 audio tape
Front cover and fold out
Image Barsham 1976 audio tape
Introduction and illustration
Image Barsham 1976 audio tape
File MP3 audio Part 1 Sounds into the Faire
The first section of a cassette of recordings from the Last Barsham, featuring the opening of the fair by Baroness Ambrosia of Barsham and the Ambassador of Slovania with a musical interlude and ending with fireworks. 12 minutes. Donated by Bryan Davey
File MP3 audio Part 2 Sounds of the fair
Starting with a couple of minutes of Bridewell Consort, followed by a wander round the stalls, and encounters with singers, musicians, clowns and comedians. 17 minutes
File MP3 audio Part 3 Sounds of the fair
Versifying, chatter, bells and Bridewell Consort in Barsham Church. 4 minutes
File MP3 audio Part 4 Bridewell in Church
Bridewell Consort playing in Barsham Church. 1 minute
File MP3 audio Part 5 a wander through the crowds
Last part of Bridewell Consort, sounds in the crowds, encountering poets, clowns, singers and audiences. 14 minutes
File MP3 audio Part 6 Into Evening
Music and song, the trial of Black Bart, Cuckoo 'the Last Barsham Fair'. 10 minutes
File MP3 audio Black Bart
The trial of Black Bart at Barsham in 1976. 5 minutes Extracted from Part 6 Into Evening
The Last Barsham Faire
A film made by Chris Rose and held by the East Anglian Film Archive
Rougham Tree Fair 1980
Made by Gerry Feeny and fellow students of the National Film and Television School
Albion Fairs 1980-82
Youtube slideshow from Tony Wyatt with Thandoy live at Rougham as soundtrack.
Albion part 2
Another Youtube slideshow from Tony Wyatt. Soundtrack is Thandoy at 1980 Rougham
Albion Fairs Part 3
A Tony Wyatt slideshow on YouTube. Soundtrack by Jah Warrior live at the Stour Valley Moon Fair - East Bergholt in 1980.
File MP3 audio Fahrenheit Live at Thornham Magna 4 34 hifi