The Image Galleries


Without the creative activities of the many  photographers, designers, artists and film-makers during those heady times, this site would be a rather modest collection of contemporary reports and later memories.

This is the gateway to their visual and audio archives.



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The Photo Galleries.  One area which is always expanding, fresh photos being added as more donations arrive. Already there is a large selection available, but not for every fair, so maybe you can help...



Jubilee Bungay May Fair 77

The Posters cover the full run of the fairs as well as gigs run by the East Anglian Arts Trust and the Waveney Clarion. Also included is a collection of posters promoting events run independently by individual crew members or promoting events by bands and theatre groups who appeared at the fairs.




Faerie fair badge


The Graphics Galleries contain all the other artwork. Be they badges, flyers, t-shirt designs or promotional leaflets for the fairs and those events that were organised to fill the gap between Autumn and Spring.




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The Film and Audio  section contains a few films and  audio recordings held by the Archive, and links to others found on the web.







The Photographers


The majority of the images are donations by a wide range of individuals, (in the case of the late Ken Tipple, by his family). Performers, amateur and pro photographers or just the average fair-goer with an Instamatic have all contributed so far, for which we are eternally grateful.

Some of them are scans taken of prints found in the much sought after and now rare publication, The Sun in the East, (aka SITE), which covered the creation of the fairs.

An interesting part of the process of assembling these images has been getting hold of the colour originals that we have only known so far from the black and white prints in SITE.



Posters and Graphics

Much of the artwork has still to be attributed.

Stuart Harris of Lowestoft Art College was responsible for all the early Barsham posters and graphics.

All the East Bergholt posters were printed by Peter Laming, a resident of Old Hall Community on whose land the first two fairs were held.The posters for the 1980-1982 fairs were designed by Roger and Gwenda Capell-Clarke.

Roger Deakin designed the 1977 Eye Show poster

Mick Sparksman designed the Coypu Capers poster, the Barsham '74 series of "woodcut" posters,  the 1978 Albion Fairs poster and the 1979 Oaksmere May Fair poster.

We know that Carolyn Ashton (then Carolyn Drake) was responsible for many of the later Albion Fairs posters but as yet have no more detail.


Film (coming soon)